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3 Apps We Love

Today we take a look at 3 apps that we love using to help us with our music practice.

1. ClearTune by Bitcount Ltd. Free/Paid

This is app is absolute fantastic in correcting those pitch problems. It is the most critically acclaimed instrument tuner available on the mobile market with over a half million dedicated users, and endorsed by the industry and major artists. Cleartune is a chromatic tuner with and pitch pipe with great accuracy. It comes with some cool features including temperament tuning, transposition, solfege and adjustable calibration.

Cleartune is available on Android and iOS devices. The free version is adequate for most string players, however, the paid version is required for temperament tuning, transposition and to adjust the calibration of the tuner. We recommend setting the calibration to A=441 or A=442, depending on whether you are playing with an orchestra or piano or solo.


iOS -

Android -

2. ProMetronome by EMULab. Free/Paid.

This by far the best metronome app on the market. It is great for every day practice and stage performance used by professionals. It is simple to use like a traditional metronome; open the app, select your tempo and hit play. Its Pro (paid) features include subdivisions, polyrhythms and a rhythm coach. This metronome is extremely precise, using technology to ensure is accuracy to 20 microseconds. You can stay in time visually with the beats, with vibrations (great for if you wear your device), or with the camera flash.

It has many cool features, including:

  • Dynamic time signature including odd time signatures;

  • Tap to calculate your BPM in realtime;

  • Landscape mode;

  • Airplay;

  • 13 time-keeping styles;

  • Practice timer;

  • 4 visual modes;

  • AudioBus which is an input source for other apps;

  • Accents - control beat accents;

  • The app works in the background;

  • Polyrhythms - great for learning how to play 3 over 2;

  • Create and share playlists by storing presets;

  • Stage Mode; and

  • Practice Mode


iOS -

Android -

3. Auralbook by Playnote Limited. Free/in-app purchases.

This app is great for preparing for the aural component of the AMEB, ABRSM, Trinity and RCL exams. The app contains exercises based on the grade and examination series, with an AI teacher who provides feedback along with a 5-star scoring system. There are over 180 mock examples for each grade, purchased through the app.


+ Singing performance analysis displayed on the original music sheet to help improve accuracy

+ Human voice instructions

+ Detects and analyse pitch, beat, rhythm and strength of clapping

+ Detailed explanation in the listening part - not just correct or wrong

+ Users’ performances can be shared on the server for teachers to monitor practice progresses

+ As if a music trainer is right beside you

For more information visit:


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Android -

Happy Practising!

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