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Violin Lessons

Sydney Violin Studios have highly experienced teachers with our students achieve outstanding results in examinations.  40% of our students achieve Honours or above (A & A+) in their AMEB exams, with 85% of all students achieving above a credit (B).  All our students have passed exams.  We specialize in accelerating gifted and high performing musicians, with many students being accelerated to Grade 5+ after their 1st year of study.


Here at the Sydney Violin Studios, we have experience in preparing students for AMEB exams, scholarships, auditions, competitions and eisteddfods. 


Our violin lessons are tailored to each individual student's learning ability, styles, and learning preferences.  We ensure students learn the violin in a structured and systematic manner, focusing on a wide range of repertoire, whilst teaching students the fundamental aspects of playing the violin including tone production, intonation, rhythmic skills, and physical coordination. All our lessons are one-to-one, ensuring that students get the most out of each lesson.


We also teach our students according to different pedagogical methods, depending on the student's age and what stage they are at playing the violin. We have violin teachers that specialize in teaching very young children the violin, with our youngest student being 4 years old.  Our teachers combine a variety of methods including Colorstring (for young children), Kodaly, Suzuki and other Western European methods.


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Music Lessons at Sydney Violin Studios


Music Craft | Theory | Musicianship

We provide lessons in these areas to students of any instrumental background, whether they've studied violin, piano, flute, saxophone, trumpet or percussion.


Music Craft is a method for students to learn about the theoretical and aural aspects of music.  The AMEB Music Craft syllabus caters for students who wish to write music, and this syllabus provides the fundamental basics to further compositional study. Music Craft covers areas including terminology, pitch, cadences, aural, compositional techniques, and analysis. Music craft provides a more comprehensive understanding of music theory and aural perception (ear-training) than the current theory and musicianship courses.  This method is good for students wishing to undertake music at high-school or at a university-level.


Musicianship is an important part of being a musician and performer.  Musicianship provides students with the tools to develop as a musician.  These tools include: aural skills, theory skills, harmony skills, music writing skills, memory skills and music history.


Music theory is the study of how music works, through the examination of musical language, expression, and notation.  Theory in music aims to explore and analyse patterns used by composers in their compositions, and across different genres of music. In a nutshell, theory of music looks at the core elements of music - rhythm, melody, harmony, structure, form and texture.


Sydney Violin Studios provide teachers who are qualified and experience in preparing students for the all these AMEB courses. It is a compulsory requirement for students in Grades 6 and above for any instrument to have passed the respective theory, musicianship or music craft grade, in order to pass their instrumental grades.  We encourage our students to sit online exams through AMEB, where possible, which allows students to work at their own pace, and sit the exam, when they feel confident and ready.


These lessons are available online.


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Performance Mentoring, Workshops, Masterclasses

Sydney Violin Studios are now offering masterclass, workshop both in person in Sydney and Online.


If you have an upcoming exam, competition or performance, we can provide mentoring and guidance to help you excel. We have a team of professional musicians including AMEB examiners and HSC markers who can provide you with feedback on your performance regardless of what instrument you play.

We also run workshops and masterclasses where you can receive live feedback on your performance. 



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We also run ensembles for our students as well as student outside Sydney Violin Studios.


Please note, ensembles are on hold due COVID19 limitations. For more information, contact us today!

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HSC Music Tuition

Sydney Violin Studios offers HSC Music Tuition to students preparing for their HSC exams in years 11 & 12.  Our specialist teachers cover all material for Music 1, Music 2 and Music Extension, including the written exam, composition (all styles), performance (all instruments), and musicology (all topics).


HSC Music Tuition is much like Maths or English tutoring, and here at Sydney Violin Studios, we ensure our students prepare for their exams well by conducting mock performances and supplying past HSC exam papers for additional practice.


We offer these lessons online.


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