Sydney Violin Studios Terms & Conditions

Payment Of Lessons:

All lessons are payable upfront, at the start of the lesson or before the lesson. 5-week and 10-week packages are payable either via electronic transfer (or direct deposit) into our account.  Casual weekly lessons are payable before the start of each lesson, please contact us with regards to payment methods.  


Please note that all payments must be received 3 working days prior to the first lesson, in order to allow time to process the accounts.  Eg. If your lesson is on a Tuesday, you will need to transfer the payment on the Wednesday of the week before.


Please note that lessons purchased as a package secure a regular lesson at your preferred day and time.


Online Lessons:

Online lessons are only available for theory, musicianship, music craft, HSC Music and composition lessons. These are conducted via Skype or Google Hangout.  Please ensure that you have access to a web camera, one of these apps and a good internet connection.



Please think ahead and remember your lesson time. If you need to cancel a lesson please notify Sydney Violin Studios at the latest 24 hours before the start time of your lesson. Fees will be forfeited if lessons are canceled within the 24 hours prior to your lesson. This will also apply to the casual weekly lessons.


Only in exceptional circumstances will missed lessons be rescheduled.  Documentation may need to be provided to prevent lessons from being forfeited for cancellations of less than 24 hours notice.


If you are planning to be away for any length of time, please notify the teacher at the start of the pay period for 5 or 10-week packages, or two weeks in advance.  This is to ensure that your lesson will be made-up during the pay period. If more than one lesson needs to be rescheduled, this will need to be discussed with the teacher in advanced as this will depend on the availability of the teacher due to the high volume of students we teach, and some lessons may need to be forfeited.



If the student wishes to discontinue lessons, please notify Sydney Violin Studios 2 weeks prior to the final lesson.  No refund will be given if the student discontinues from lessons during the package pay period, as these periods prevent other students securing a lesson.



Discounts are subject to Sydney Violin Studios' discretion.  Students who have two or more lessons per week or families with 2 or more children may receive a further discount for lessons. Contact us for more details.


Other items for sale:

Students will require books and other violin accessories (such as rosin, strings and shoulder rests) for their lessons. These can either be purchased in the student’s own spare time or ordered through Sydney Violin Studios including our website (online store coming soon).  Please advise the teacher, should you wish to purchase items through Sydney Violin Studios, or visit our online store (coming soon).             


From time-to-time, we also sell our own course material, and these can be purchased from our online store (coming soon).  Materials include violin exercises, practice diaries, weekly progress books, study materials, and recordings of pieces, exercises, and scales.


Studio Etiquette:

Please ensure that you arrive on time to your lessons. Arriving late to a lesson will affect your lesson time.  Arriving too early to lessons will affect the lessons of other students. So please be considerate.


No food or drink (except a bottle of water) are allowed in the studio at any given time.

Please ensure that your child’s hands and nails are clean before the lesson. Dirty hands are health-hazard to everyone in the studio.  Please ensure that nails are cut back (short) for violin playing.


If the student is sick, please contact the teacher with reasonable notice to reschedule the lesson.  There is no point in having a lesson if the student is ill, as they will not gain much from the lesson and put the teacher and other students at risk.  So please be considerate. A medical certificate may be required for lessons canceled with less than 24 hours notice to avoid having that lesson forfeited.


Students under 12 are encouraged to be accompanied by a parent to lessons.  Parents and students are reminded to switch off their phones prior to the lessons to prevent disruptions during the child’s class. Siblings may attend classes, but they need to be supervised and remain silent for the duration of the lesson.


Photography and Video Recording

From time-to-time photography or video recording may be conducted by Sydney Violin Studios during the lessons or concerts for the promotional purposes on our websites and social media, or to provide to the student's parent for demonstration purposes. If you do not wish for your child to be photographed or recorded, please advise us when enrolling your child.

No photography or videos will be allowed by the student or their parent during the lessons unless the teacher’s permission is obtained prior to the lesson.


No lessons are to be recorded to protect the Intellectual Property of the teacher. If you would like part of your lesson to be recorded, please make arrangements prior to the lesson so that the teacher can record the lesson for you. A small fee will be charged to the student.