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Sydney Violin Studios Terms & Conditions


By undertaking lessons at Sydney Violin Studios you agree to the following terms and conditions:


Payment Of Lessons:

All lessons are payable upfront, at the start of the term or holiday period. Lessons are payable either via electronic transfer or Credit Card/Visa via our invoicing system. Please note for Credit Card/Visa payments a surcharge will be added for the cost of the transaction. 



Please think ahead and remember your lesson time. If you need to cancel a lesson, please notify Sydney Violin Studios at the latest 24 hours before the time of your lesson. We can reschedule your lesson within the term at an available time, otherwise the lesson will be forfeited. Fees will be forfeited if lessons are cancelled less than the 24 hours prior to your lesson.


If your child is unwell, we can conduct the lesson at the regular lesson time via Video conference platform, alternatively we can make up the lesson within the term.


Health Requirements

To ensure the health and safety of everyone who attends for lessons, please make sure your child does not attend any face-to-face lessons if they or anyone in their immediate household are feeling unwell, showing even the slightest symptoms of a cold or flu (coughing, sneezing, running nose, fever, nausea etc). In this event, we will conduct your lesson online until your child or household members are fully recovered and ready to return to face-to-face lessons. 


Children 12 years and over will need to provide proof of COVID19 Vaccination prior to commencing face-to-face lessons. Face masks will need to be worn throughout the lesson by both student and teacher.


For children under 12 years of age, face masks will need to be worn for the duration of the lesson. If a child under 12 is accompanied by a parent, this will be limited to one parent (no other parents or children can sit in on the lesson) and the parent must wear a facemask and provide proof of vaccination upon entry. Parents and students are reminded to switch off their phones prior to the lessons to prevent disruptions during the child’s class.


Until further notice, there will be no access to bathroom facilities before, during or after lessons. Due to health and safety reasons, we cannot provide such facilities.


Studio Etiquette:

Please ensure that you arrive on time to your lessons. Arriving late to a lesson will affect your lesson time.  Arriving too early to lessons will affect the lessons of other students. So please be considerate.  Do not enter the studios and disrupt teachers whilst others are having lessons. If it is time for your lesson, press the doorbell (once) to let the teacher know you are there!


No food or drink (except a bottle of water) are allowed in the studio at any given time.

Please ensure that your child’s hands and nails are clean before the lesson. Dirty hands are health hazard to everyone in the studio.  Please ensure that nails are cut back (short) for violin playing. Please ensure your child goes to the toilet before attending their lessons. 


Finally, remember to pack your bag with your books, pencil, eraser, and drink bottle for all of your lessons. 



AMEB New Violin Syllabus

From 2022, there is a new violin Syllabus. You will need to make sure you purchase the AMEB Violin Series 10 Technical Workbook for lessons. The previous edition of books will roll over for the next year, however, the technical workbook (scale book) needs to be the new one. 



At no time can a student or parent record the lesson without express permission. From time-to-time, the teacher will video, record, or photograph the student for teaching or marketing purposes. The purpose of this is mainly to assist students with their learning and practice. Please advise via email at if you do not wish your child to be video, recorded or photographed. 




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